Is It Me?

I got my hair done this week by a my celebrity hair stylist friend, Michael St. Germain at the Sally Hershberger Salon in West Hollywood.  It was so fancy that I could barely afford the tip!  He and his crew did a fantastic job and I was really in need of some work.  It’d been since Halloween that I’d gotten a hair job and let’s just say it was less ombre than neglected, more pyramid than layered.

My family hates when I dye my hair darker.  For some reason my mom always pictures me in her mind as blonde.  I’m not blonde, though my natural hair color is what one might call very dirty dishwater blonde.  It’s more light brown with golden slightly reddish tones.  I love having richer more dark golden hair.  Right now, this color looks very dark, but it’s temporary, which I like because it doesn’t leave a stark contrast when the roots begin to grow out.  It also means that it will fade to a lighter color in a few weeks.

This is obviously the cut and color shown straight, but in a few days I will wash it and see how the cut really feels with my normal styling, some cream gel and dried by the best hair dryer – air!

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